Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Agony of Sodomy 2: More Anal Agony


A homosexual man screams in agony as he is sodomised by another man's large erect penis.

I enjoy watching manly men get sodomised, especially if it has an element of pain. Sodomy is a painful sex act especially upon first penetration. It's penetrating the end of a man's intestines - the hole designed for shitting and exiting, what did you expect?

A young Asian gay grimaces in pain as he forces himself down upon a large erect Caucasian penis.

"Aaaaarrrrhhh!!!" this manly Caucasian gay seems to scream out as his anus is split apart by another gay's cock!

A Hispanic gay whimpers as he is sodomised by a Caucasian gay. "It hurts!" Of course it does, its unnatural sex! Take it like a man!


"Orrrh!!! Are you sure your penis is supposed to be in there?? ORRRHGGGHH"

"Aaaarrrghhh....... it's so painful!!! Aarrrgghh please stop! Aaarrrgghhh!!!"

A fully grown adult gay howls as another full grown adult gay stabs his rectum with his erect dick!

A young gay screams in agony as he is sodomised by an older gay. Many young gays watch a copious amount of homosexual pornography and over estimate their own pain threshold when it comes to sodomy, and often take on penises of older men far larger than they can actually tolerate. Serves them right! You want big cock up your ass, you scream and take it like a real man!

A sexy Latino man gagged and in pain as he is anally violated by another man.

"Uuuhh oooh! It hurts.... it really hurts!"
Sodomy is also used by men (not necessarily homosexual) as a method of asserting (ASS-erting, get it?) power / dominating other men. The anus is the softest, most sensitive part of the male body (even more tender than the glans penis), and being hurt in it can give pleasure to both men. The burning sensation as the erect cock pokes in and out quickly, shit stabbing if you will, often causes the sodomite to whimper, moan or scream in agony.  

"Aaaarrrggghhh!! I'ts so big!! Take it out!! Take it!!!"

Sitting on a big erect cock gives the bottom some level of control but even then, as the pelvic muscles clench together from the squat, it tightens the anus making penetration possibly even more excruciating. Yet, the manly bottom gay in this picture forces himself onto it, his face showing the strain and pain, as he accepts the penis in his intestines in a manly fashion.

The shock of losing control and sensation of being penetrated in this gay's face is evident.

A Caucasian homosexual pornographic actor gasps and tries to push his sodomiser out of his anus in pain.


A series of images from a gay pornographic film involving homosexual sodomy. When you come to think about it, it is quite funny isn't it? Here's some money to let another man stick his erect penis into your shit hole. It's going to hurt because it's unnatural, and you may scream because you're a man and men aren't supposed to be penetrated there. Would you like to do it? Sure!

Notice how the man being sodomised clenches the sheets, his body tense, his face in pain and screaming out, while the sodomising gay is calm, penetrating the man's anus just as men are intended to do: penetrate.

A muscled Negro gay goes 'AAARRRGGHHH" as he is violently fucked bent over.

The sexy Caucasian top calmly eases his very large erect penis into the grimacing Caucasian bottom's anus. I love the dangling scrotum on the bottom man.

A well-known Caucasian homosexual pornographic actor shuts his eyes in pain as he makes his money by impaling himself on another gay's large erect penis. Think of the money! OUCH!!! Think of the money!!

"OOOOUURRRRRGGGHHH!!!" he screams as the glans penis stabs his rectal walls deep.


A Caucasian howls as both his anus and mouth are forced open involuntarily by erect cock!

I love shots like this from below where both sets of male genitals are visible, with dangling scrotums and a screaming bottom.

"AAAAHHHUUHHHH!!! OOHH!! IT HURTS!!!! OOOHH!!" as he pushes his buttocks back onto the other man's penis, the cock going deeper and higher into his guts.


A Caucasian gay screams as he sits on a very large cock stretching his anus wide apart and stabbing his intestines deep up inside.

This gay tries to stretch his buttocks wider than possible to accommodate the large erect white cock squeezing into his small shit hole, in order to alleviate some discomfort at the unnatural penetration.

Yeah! Fuck you Nigger! Even black men deserve to be sodomised in their male shit holes! There is so much homosexual pornography showing white men enduring anal pain for coloured / black men's penile pleasure, its about time the reverse happened.

See the fear, pain and tears on the Negro sodomite's face as he discovers the anal pain he thought he could handle in order to make some money. You're not man enough to get fucked in the ass!


I really like how white and blonde / red haired the bottom man is, and how beautiful the darker gay penis looks lodged inside his fair anus, along with the visible pain on his face from the impalement.

A greedy and stupid young Caucasian twink being stabbed in his shit hole by a muscular Caucasian gay man. If you're stupid enough to think you can take a real man when you can't, scream like the silly gay bitch you are!

Even older, muscular and more experienced gay men struggle to be sodomised by large penises. It's definitely not meant to be stuck into male shit holes!

Such an exquisite set of 2 images from a handsome Caucasian pornographic actor performing unprotected homosexual anal sex, moaning in agony at the sensation and anal agony!

"Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!!" ANAL SEX!

A Negro homosexual man swears as he tolerates the anal assault from another Nego!

Do you enjoy watching men scream in anal sex too?


  1. A most illustrative and instructive post. But if men have the desire to do that wonderful thing called sodomizing others how come that the cock is not meant to fit in the asshole?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I am loving your blog, and I agree with most of what you say, and how you say it. I would argue however that men were, and are, meant to experience penetration. The reason why I say that is because of our wonderful little sexual organ called the Prostate Gland. Saying our anus was never meant to experience sexual penetration is like saying a penis is only for pissing. Our anus is part of our sexual anatomy, and penetrating it to reach our sensitive prostate is known to bring us men to heights of pleasure we never knew we could experience. I would love to read your musings on the mind blowing orgasm anal orgasms only we MEN have the privilege of experiencing.

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